3 to 4 Scallops per nest

Kataifa Pasta (Handful for each nest)


1 Leek - thinly sliced (does about 5 nests)

Black Truffle (enough Truffle to cover base of each nest... say around 10g each)


First make the base out of the pasta

I use the old fried egg holders you see hamburger cafes as they make a perfect circle

but one can improvise here.

Place the Pasta in the base in a fry pan with some butter and fry while

compressing the pasta into the base to make it firm.

This needs to be about 2 to 3 cm thick once compressed.

Once lightly brown turn over carefully and brown the other side. 

When crunchy you can keep them warm in a low degree oven while you complete the recipe.

Now add some more butter to the fry pan and slowly soften the Leek. 

Don't over cook as the leek needs to be soft and gooey but not burnt.

Add salt to taste,

Now slice the Scallops flat so that they are the same round shape but thinner. You should be able to get 3 slices per scallop.

I always use Japanese Hokiado Scallops as the are so much better than any I've tasted but the are expensive!

Draw circles on some Grease paper (traced from the egg holder thingys) 

Now dry the Scallops and lay them around from centre to outside to form a circle.

Lay the Scallops in such a way that the fold into each other. 

This helps them hold together while cooking and looks cool when you serve to you guests!

Before you cook the Scallops place a serve of Leek on each Pasta nest so it covers the nest. 

Now thinly shave you Black Truffle and place onto the Leek so it covers the surface.

Now cut the grease paper around the Scallops you previously prepared and leaving the paper on,

place scallop facing down into your buttered fry pan. Don't overcook them the only take a couple of seconds and are great partially raw. 

Peel the paper off and using a spatular flip so brown side is up onto the prepared Leek nest. 

Add a bit of S and P to taste. I drizzle Spanish Madera over the top if you've got some.

Note. Make sure you dry Scallops after slicing and before doing the grease paper layout or they fall apart when cooking.

This dish is a bit finicky to make but an absolutely scrumptious entree.