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The Turalla truffle Story

Established in 2005 on a Property near Bungendore NSW , Turalla Truffles is set on the picturesque Southern end of the Lake George Basin, a half hour drive from the nations capital. We grow “Black Truffle” or “Black Périgord Truffle” (Tuber melanosporum) named after the Périgord region in France. The French black truffle is the fruiting body of the fungus Tuber melanosporum.

The fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak and hazel trees.  The edible portion, or truffle, is harvested in winter once it has matured.

There are two types of people who eat truffles: those that think truffles are good because they are dear and those who know they are dear because they are good”

JL Vauloyer


Turalla Truffle Hunts

Help find that elusive Truffle.. then eat them!

Turalla Truffles is located close to the town of Bungendore which is 30 minutes from Canberra near Lake George. 

Join Damian, his family and Jack Russell dogs  in search of the wondrous Black Truffle. Be guided through the process of finding Truffles with the help of the dogs and then deciding on what is ready to harvest. Along the way you will be enlightened on the facts, and some of the magic of this amazing fungi.

,For the 2024 season we’re hosting special intimate Truffle Hunt Degustation Adventures with a maximum of 12 people.  Along with the hunt for truffles, you’ll taste a mouth watering degustation of some of our favourite Truffle dishes. So why not get a group of food friends together and treat yourself to a gastronomic experience like no other!


learn how to cook with truffle

Our Famous Turalla Truffle Menu..

Turalla Truffle Adventures have become a thing of legend. Having eaten multiple truffle meals cooked by so called truffle expert chefs, we have found a lot of truffle dishes fail. Why? Because usually people are using too little truffle and trying to do too much with the truffle. When cooking with truffle the secret is to ‘let the truffle shine!’ This means, dont use ingredients that are going to fight with the truffle flavour. Following our hunts, at our lunches, our aim is to blow your truffle minds! We feel you’ve paid good money for that truffle fix, so we don’t plan on sending you home disappointed. So get ready…. you will eat a lot of truffle prepared with simple to learn techniques perfected from years of truffle preparation experience here in Australia and abroad. 

Below are a few of the dishes we have served at our events


Turalla Truffle Shot

A light chicken broth served with either a truffle dumpling or home grown forest mushrooms topped with a shave of fresh truffle.


Turalla Truffle Crepe

A super light french style crepe served with bananas fried in truffle butter along with truffled custard and some truffle icecream and shaved truffle.


Turalla Truffle Nest

A lightly sheared Hokkaido scallop on an small Potato and leek Rostti drizzles with melted truffle butter, heated with fresh cream and a splash of Madera with a shave (or two!) of truffle on top.


Turalla Truffle Gnocci  

Freshly made large gnocci finished in truffle butter and truffle infused cream with fresh Pecorino and a liberal shave of fresh truffle.


Turalla Truffle Pappardelle  

Truffle butter (and truffle infused cream) tossed through fresh Pappardelle with grated truffle infused Pecorino.  A 63 degree SV egg and shaved truffle on top.


Turalla Truffle Indulgence  

Truffle Ice-cream on top of truffle infused Panacotta topped with truffle infused honey roasted Hazelnuts and a slice of truffle.



What People are Saying about us.

Well worth getting down and dirty..”

Entering the truffière shows us what nature can deliver and how a relationship between the truffle hunter and a Truffle dog is so important. The reward is an amazing product, which is then skilfully turned into a 4 course meal, with the truffles flavour and texture enhanced with each course.


“Wow what a great time”

“We did the hunt and lunch adventure, the food was amazing. Damian and his family are lovely people. My favorite foods were the truffle desert, truffle cheese, and the truffle pasta.
Watching the truffle dogs work is fantastic “


The ultimate truffle adventure

Awesome experience, clear difference between fresh truffles & store truffled products. This is the real deal. The dog was delightful, and that’s before he found anything! Damien was super helpful & informative, would come back again just for the scenery & company


A fabulous truffle experience..

Lindsay and Damian are running a fabulous truffle experience! The property is absolutely beautiful and the experience was very informative and fun. We had a great hunt and truffle tasting to follow. Would highly recommend!.”


Hours of Operation

SUN – mid June to mid August

10:00am – 2.30pm Truffle Hunt Degustation

Booking essential


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